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This Mango Thick Shake is a wonderful breakfast and also a deliciously filling snack. This thick shake is a wonderful breakfast and also a deliciously filling snack.

These Thick Mango Smoothie recipes are made by simply blending chopped ripe and sweet mangoes with dairy or plant-based milk. But there are several ways to customize your drink with different ingredients.

To keep things easy and simple, this recipe gives you an easy style for how to make mango thick shake at home?  Making a good milkshake at home is easy and with few points in mind, you can easily make really good cafe-style ones or even better.

Mango Shake is a very popular drink in all Indian restaurants and cafes during summer. Here is a delicious Thick Mango Smoothie recipe that will make go bonkers.

It tastes amazing and is so rich that a glass will be enough to kick off sudden hunger pangs. The recipe for any fruit-flavored milkshake is straightforward and can be prepared within minutes.

Mango Thick Shake is a classic Indian special drink made with mangoes, cold milk, sweetener, and optional ice cream. It is super popular in all restaurants, cafes, and small eateries too.

Mango Shake is super-rich, flavorful, and absolutely delicious. Ripe sweet mangoes are best suited for this drink and make sure they are non-fibrous too.

Mango Thick Shake Video Recipe :

how to make Mango Thick Shake | Thick Mango Smoothie Recipe recipe with step by step photos:

1. Take 1 cup frozen mango pieces and add into blender jar.

Mango Thick shake

2. Add 1 cup whipped cream.

Mango Thick shake

3. Add 1/3 cup sugar powder.

Mango Thick shake

4. Add 2 tbsp. mango crush. Blend it completely.

Mango Thick shake

5. After one blend, add 1 cup chilled milk in the jar.

Mango Thick shake

6. Add some ice cubes. Blend it again. Make smooth and creamy texture.

Mango Thick shake

7. After that decorate glasses with mango crush.

Mango Thick shake

8. Add mango thick shake. After add mango crush on the top then again add frothy layer of shake.

Mango Thick shake

9. Decorate with mango crush and put some trutti fruity on the top. Serve it chilled.

Mango Thick shake

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